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If you are interested in going on a trip as a volunteer contact us and we’ll discuss what might work out. Please indicate your qualifications and areas of interest. Attaching a Curriculum Vitae will be helpful. We’ll need to get to know each other a bit. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area it will be easy to meet in person. Past volunteers live in various cities around the country so you may be able to meet in person with someone near where you live. Individual trips may be arranged at any time; group trips happen a few times a year at this point.

Doctor to Doctor is completely apolitical and we do not discuss political issues either here or abroad.

As mentioned elsewhere, volunteers pay all of their own expenses including airfare, accommodations, meals, etc. Often there are out-of-pocket expenses abroad as well We can discuss this.

Perhaps you know of a deserving hospital or clinic? Please contact us and we’ll discuss it. You may contact us via email.

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