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Third Vietnamese-American Conference on Psychiatry and Medical Psychology
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: July 17-18, 2001

Presentations were given by 3 Vietnamese psychiatrists and by 17 American mental health people (psychiatrists and psychologists), and by one neurologist and one speech therapist. Three Vietnamese psychiatrists presented papers. The presentations were as follows:

  • Dao Tran Thai, M.D. (Ho Chi Minh City): Recurrent Brief Depression
  • Robert Dolgoff, M.D. (Berkeley, CA): How Antipsychotic Medications Work
  • Rima Dolgoff-Kaspar, B.A. (San Francisco): Lucid Dreaming
  • Daniel Goldstine, Ph.D. (Berkeley): Criminal Responsibility and the Insanity Defense
  • Hilary Goldstine, Ph.D. (Berkeley): Cults and Fringe Therapies
  • Tiffany Ho, M.D. (San Rafael, CA): The Organization of Public Mental Health Services in America
  • Cheryl Kennedy, M.D. (Newark, New Jersey): Psychiatric Aspects of AIDS
  • Lam Xuan Dien, M.D. (Ho chi Minh City) Suicide in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phuong-Thuy Le, M.D. (San Jose, CA): Pack for Life: Basic Knowledge and Interpersonal Skills
  • Linh, Ph.D. (Ho Chi Minh City): Alcoholic Psychosis
  • Francis Lu, M.D. (San Francisco): Cultural Issues in DSM-IV
  • Stephen Mullins, M.D. (Pittsburgh): Developmental Disability
  • Paul Plasky, M.D. (Boston): Management of Aggressive Behavior
  • Henry J. Ralston, M.D. (San Francisco): Current Views of Pain: Mechanisms and Management
  • Mark Reg, M.D. (New Haven, CT): Bipolar Depression
  • Roy Sanders, M.D. (Cooperstown, NY) : Childhood Depression and Anxiety
  • Mel Selzer, M.D. (San Diego): Alcoholism
  • Stephen Shanfield, M.D. (San Antonio, TX): Delirium and Dementia
  • Jill Shannahan, M.D. (Santa Cruz, CA): Sleep Disorders: Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
  • Shirley Wheatland, M.S. (Orinda, CA): Traumatic Brain Injury

Over 100 Southeast Asian medical professionals and students attended the conference—almost all Vietnamese with the exception of Dr. Sisouk Vongphrachanh from Vientiane Laos. Most were psychiatrists but some were psychologists and a few were students. Most were from the greater Ho Chi Minh City area but a few attendees were from Hue, Danang, and Hanoi as well as from other cities in Vietnam. None of the Vietnamese attendees paid f or the conference; we paid the accommodations and food for out-of-towners who otherwise would not have been able to attend. All costs were paid by Doctor to Doctor, mostly from the registration fees paid by volunteers, and some from contributions received by Doctor to Doctor.

We brought with us medications and textbooks which we donated to the Mental Health Center and other training sites in Vietnam.

Some Vietnamese doctors speak English well, others not so well, and some not at all. Only two of the American attendees speak Vietnamese. Therefore each presenter spoke in his or her own language. After each sentence or two, a professional interpretor who is also a physician translated. A syllabus was prepared before the conference containing the text or an outline of each presenter's material along with reference material supplementing the presentation. This syllabus was distributed to all attendees and will serve as a textbook for practioners in a country where psychiatric textbooks are expensive and very difficult to find. Lunch was provided for all attendees both days, and as you might expect we had welcoming and farewell banquets for the presenters and selected guests. We were videotaped by Vietnamese television and the Conference was on the evening television news in Ho Chi Minh City. There was also a story about the Conference in the local newspaper. The conference was well received by the attendees, we had a wonderful time, and we are now invited back for a 4th Conference which we are planning now.

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